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VFI Metal Fabrication uses its in-house machines to press shapes into a die cut piece of sheet metal, creating your desired sheet metal shape or model.  Using our computer numerical controlled machines, VFI uses a hydraulic system creating electrical power to punch the shape with enough force to shear the metal.  A shape is then formed by compressing the sheet metal against the die to separate the desired shape from the sheet metal. 
Cutting sheet metal can be practiced in numerous ways by using hand tools to very large powered shears. Technology has allowed for sheet metal cutting to be done through computer-based machines to insure precise cutting.
Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding progression that uses a non consumable tungsten electrode to fabricate the weld. The weld section is secluded from atmospheric pollution by a shielding gas and space filler.

VFI Fabricators is a major metal fabrication facility located in Williamstown New Jersey, servicing the Tri-State area. VFI Fabricators manufacture custom high quality sheet metal products using state of the art equipment and precision instruments. With 30 years experience in the Custom Metal Fabricating Industry (NAICS code 332322) we maintain consistent quality standards and timely deliveries. VFI Fabricators offers complete project management solutions including design, fabrication and assembly of aluminum, steel and stainless steel specialty products.
VFI Fabricators also manufactures its own Stainless Steel Outdoors Collection featuring its Patio Grill Mate®, an outdoor grill cabinet and the Flip-N-Fillet Table® accommodating seaside properties, docks, and restaurants.


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